CHANGELOG - 06/04/2022  (v1.0.1)

Added some alternative bindings for the "Z" powerup (can now use Z, Y or W) to better support different keyboard layouts (qwertz / azerty).

Inevita Defence Corp's latest prototype missiles have gone haywire and are causing havok in their weapons factories!

Navigate your way around the maze like factories of Inevita Defence Corp and use their experimental "Power Ups" to delay your inevitable doom.

Could Inevita Defence Corp have avoided their downfall or by stockpiling weapons were they making there own doom inevitable?


Arrow keys - Move

Esc - Pause

(Z/Y/W) / X / C / V / Space Use Power Ups


A game by Josh Haxell and Sammy El-Bahrawy

Additional Art by Josie Gilbert

Made with these excellent tools: 

C Stoquer's Pixelbox

schteppe's p2.js

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